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Frequently Asked Questions

It means you purchase our service for a period of 30days; and at the end of 30days it expires including all content and agreement of the package. It can be likening to a mobile network data package, you enjoy a particular purchased data for a period of time and it stops immediately at expiration/exhaustion of data or date. It is to be noted that remaining unused service(s) cannot be carried-over into a new month.

There are no forms of hidden fees when using our service(s).

Although, There is a N5,000 initial registration charge for monthly subscribers. This charge is not applicable to subscription renewal but only to users who wants to start or re-start a monthly subscription package.

For instance, considering the starter plan; a user pays N35,000 (subscription fee + registration charge) for the start of the package but for subsequent months pays N30,000.

If a user skip a month(s); s/he would be required to repay the N5,000 registration fee again to register for a new package.

Yes! If you need more design points you can purchase multiple subscription packages per month.

Yes, Absolutely. There’s no benchmark to how many designs you can request as well as revision.

Our designers work in a queue, so you are welcome to request as many designs at a time as you wish. However, in order to continue offering unlimited design to all of our customers, we will work on one task at a time and will not move on to the next until the current one has been submitted for your review.

Yes! But only the designs that can be done before the expiration of the last day of your subscription. Do bear in mind that you purchased a subscription service of 30 days; thus, all design works would be stopped immediately at the close of the 30th day whether completed or not completed (design request exhausted or unexhausted) – No design work shall be done after the expiration of the 30days. The customer would be sent the completed and uncompleted design files; if you wish we complete the designs you would be required to pay for a new subscription or use our custom service. Thus, we advise our customers to maximize their subscription by sending their design briefs early enough into their subscription.

Our service is 100% email based. That means you don’t have to learn a new tool or sign into a dashboard to get things done. Simply send us your request at hello@designub.com and we’ll get to work.

Requesting a revision is the same as requesting a new task. Email hello@designub.com with your revision request and we will take care of it from there.

The short answer is everything you have. If applicable, be sure to include the size of the artwork, photography, copy, and anything else you think we would need in order to complete your task accurately.

What you see is what you get. We will never impose additional fees on your account.

Our standard plans do not allow for multiple brands. However, we are more than happy to work with you to create a custom plan that fits your needs in the case you have more than one brand. Send us a message at hello@designub.com to get started.

In order for us to continue allowing unlimited graphic design, we do not allow the sharing of accounts. However, we are more than happy to craft a custom plan that works for both our team and yourself in the case you need additional admins or have multiple brands. Email us at hello@designub.com .

Sorry! Our plans do not allow for design carryovers. All plan expires after 30 days.

Turnaround time varies per task. Smaller, more common requests such as a graphic for Facebook or a promotional flyer on average requires 1-2 business days. More complex tasks such as website design or logo creation can take up to 4-7 business days. However, we will always let you know up front the estimated turnaround time of your request so that you are never left wondering.

Since you own the work completed, it is your right to do with it as you wish, including re-selling it.

Have more questions?

We would be glad to answer any questions you might have; Send us a mail at: info@designub.com

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